Our Approach

Believe it or not, IT Services isn’t run by machines; it’s run by people. Energetic, creative, enthusiastic people from diverse backgrounds with a wide set of skills deliver value to UChicago each and every day. From senior leadership to student employees (and at every layer in between), our people are our most important asset.

Our Story

  • Delighting the Community – Be leaders in the delivery of services, transform the customer experience, and work to delight the community.
  • Research – Broadly and positively impact research activities that support commitment to free and open inquiry.
  • Operational Excellence – Enhance and grow a culture of operational excellence through leadership in the deployment of enterprise solutions.
  • Information Security – Works with the advance technology nowadays. With a very tight security to make sure that clients are all safe.
  • People –Expert in doctorate employee who works with you and to place job and career satisfaction, development, and opportunity at the center of organizational decisions and design.
  • Online Engagement – Expand the use of the web as a communication tool, within and outside of rank businesses., to more fully engage IT staff, campus partners, and the broader University community.

Meet the Team

Anthony Davis

President and the CEO located in UK


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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President and CEO


Spike Panama

Senior Programmer/Web Developer


Herrion Thomas

VA, Tech, Support, Grapghics.